Welcome to CloudStriking

Monetization of your designs made easy

Easy To Use Online Interface

Intuitive website interface. We strive to provide a seamless experience, so that you can focus on the creative part without having to worry about technicalities. If you still have some question, our support team is always ready to help.

Powerful Cloud Software

Creating mock-ups, uploading products on major e-commerce platforms, and fulfilling order. All these tasks require a performing computer, expensive software and skills. Our powerful cloud system can handle all your tasks with ease. no downloads required.

Save Time and Money

Running a successful e-commerce shop it's not only about good ideas. Sometimes it means spending hours and energies on boring but fundamental tasks. With CloudStriking you can complete all those tasks easily and within minutes. No technical knowledge required.

How it Works

Prepare your Design

Pick an image of your choice, make sure that it is an high definition PNG or JPEG file, ideally with without background so that only your design will be processed. a PNG or a JPEG file are image files with extention '.PNG' or '.JPEG' (for example 'image.png' or 'image.jpeg'). The higher the quality of your image, the better the final result on your products!

Mock-up Generator

Next, your customers need to see a preview of your designs on the products they want to buy. the next step is mock-up generation. Access the mock-up generation section and Upload your .PNG or .JPEG file through our app. Our software will generate the images for you. Once they are ready, you will receive a link to access and download all your files.

Upload Products

Third step, upload your products on all public access major e-commerce platforms. Websites such as RedBubble, Etsy, and Ebay allow everyone to open a shop easily (Amazon requires you to own a business already). These websites have different fees and reach different targets. Uploading on all of them will make it more likely for you to sell your products. With CloudStriking you can upload easily, on all websites, in one go. Chose and Fill the standard or advanced spreadsheet template with all the information about your products and submit it along with your mock-up images through our app.

Products Fulfillment

Before you know it, you sold a product! The Fourth step is to print and ship your products (except if you sold on RedBubble, they will take care of that for you). In a standard business setting, you are bound to have the items sitting in your shop, waiting to be shipped. With CloudStriking you print and ship On Demand, only after you sold your products and received the payment from your customer. No need to buy materials in stock. Order and pay only for what you need. Access our products fulfillment section, input all your shipping details, upload the design you want to be printed, a mock up of the item, and submit everything when you are ready. You will receive an email when the product is on its way to your customer as well as the tracking code, if available. Notify your customers as soon as you can to insure a top-notch customer service.